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Economic news(2013/12/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

To extend measures discontinuation of Fukushima tax deadline

2013-12-28 17:37:00
Because of the influence of the nuclear accident, the National Tax Agency has solidified a policy abort the extension measures in accordance with the tax return in 2014 for municipalities in 12 of Fukushima prefecture deadline to pay the tax in the country have been extended.


Major distribution channel Omni strengthening

2013-12-28 16:11:00
Amid the market of online shopping is rapidly expanding, distribution leading companies has strengthened in succession perform a variety of services it in concert with the net business and actual stores, the business of the so-called "omni-channel", the future, competition It is likely to become even more violently.


The opposition to large-scale apple reduction measures

2013-12-28 14:47:00
The 27th, the Board of Directors of the IT company Apple in the United States sought to shareholders so that it summarizes the view that not to respond to the proposal of investors seeking reduction measures large-scale to shareholders, to vote against at a general meeting of shareholders of the next year were.


Extension study of fund lending facilities of the Bank of Japan interest rates low

2013-12-28 11:06:00
Bank of Japan to the study by the system to lend money at low interest rates to financial institutions so that the funds are spread over the small and medium-sized enterprises struggling often to financing and business that can be expected is a large growth, such as energy and environment, to extend the implementation deadline that you are the end of March next year It is expected to enter.


Forward weaker yen in the foreign exchange market NY

2013-12-28 07:48:00
In New York foreign exchange market of the 27th, move to sell yen to buy dollars from the expectations of economic recovery in the United States out, yen exchange rate to fall to $ 1 = 105 yen level, the moon the first time in five years 2 approximately I was wearing a weaker yen dollar high level of.


$ 100 for the first time in a month or two NY crude oil market

2013-12-28 06:46:00
From that point of view in New York crude oil market of 27, demand for crude oil would increase against the background of expectations of economic recovery in the United States has spread, order increases to buy the futures of crude oil, futures prices one month the first time or approximately 2 I was raised to $ 100 a barrel range.


To market infrastructure professional investment

2013-12-28 04:55:00
And attract private investment in public facilities, and will Hakaro also in operational efficiency, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Financial Services Agency, by putting in place in fiscal 2015 the market to invest in specialized infrastructure such as airports and power plants, in earnest it was decided to proceed with the study.


Fostering public-private venture to joint venture

2013-12-28 01:26:00
The firm policy to invest jointly in private funds to support the venture company, with major companies such as Sony and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., the government-funded "industrial innovation mechanism", embark in earnest venture training public and private sectors work together I became that.


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