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Economic news(2013/01/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Continued rise in gasoline weaker yen

2013-01-09 15:11:00
From the fact that import prices of crude oil has risen in the impact of the yen's depreciation of this place, the retail price of the national average of regular gasoline has risen in five consecutive weeks.


To raise nearly 15% from April automobile liability insurance premiums

2013-01-09 14:33:00
From that for premiums for liability insurance that is required to subscribe to all who have a bike or car, payment of insurance of accident sequelae remains is increasing, the Financial Services Agency, FY2013 new year = Heisei from April I decided a policy to raise nearly 15% from.


Discount sale of vegetables followed by soaring at low temperature

2013-01-09 12:16:00
Amid the price of vegetables has become more expensive than usual due to the influence of severe cold, between the major supermarkets, moves that will put some brakes on the sluggish sales of vegetables at discount sale for a limited time has begun.


"Education funding grandson" one straight-line tax-free study

2013-01-09 11:59:00
If the emergency economic measures that summarize in the 11th, it was bestowed together education funds to grandchildren from grandparents, it will have to incorporate measures to exempt the gift tax up to a certain amount, the upper limit of the gift to be tax-free, government, grandson I we have been adjusted to the axis plan to the 15 million yen per capita.


Consumer electronics show opening of the world's largest rice

2013-01-09 09:40:00
It starts in the United States from the morning on the 9th of Japan time, that high-quality four times the HD of current such as "4K television", the latest model of television is exhibited, consumer electronics show in the world's largest, has attracted attention.


Spending 10.3 trillion yen of emergency economic measures countries

2013-01-09 06:01:00
full extent of the emergency economic measures the government to Cabinet decision on the 11th is now clear. Within this, in addition to the disaster prevention and recovery from the earthquake, cast 3 trillion 700 billion yen, such as 1 trillion 400 billion yen account for the grant in order to lighten the burden of the local government due to public works massive , that is 10 trillion 300 billion yen in total were chunks.


Resume the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy 3 and a half years

2013-01-09 04:15:00
The 9th, the government will resume in approximately three and a half years, the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy to position the control tower of the economic and fiscal policy. At the meeting, in addition to the development of the so-called "large-boned policy" underlying economic and fiscal management over the medium to long term, discussion of strengthening cooperation of the Bank of Japan and the government toward a bold monetary easing is attention.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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