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Economic news(2013/01/15)

Kyoto   Hakone

No direct impact on the British HMV Japan bankruptcy

2013-01-15 22:52:00
Open the first store in downtown Shibuya in 1990 in Japan, "HMV" has expanded its store network. But from the fact that performance has deteriorated pressed to music distribution business in the United States the "Apple" is deployed, a major convenience store chain "Lawson" has acquired the business of HMV in Japan in December 2010. Currently, under the name of "Lawson HMV Entertainment," and we sell such as a CD or DVD in 47 stores such as Osaka and Tokyo Shinjuku is integrated with ticket sales company of Lawson. When depends on the Lawson, we are not capital relationship already with HMV in the UK, the right to use the name of the HMV in Japan without changing the names of the store from the fact that Lawson is getting, that there is no impact to the company.


British "HMV" is bankrupt

2013-01-15 21:53:00
Expected to be bankrupt by sluggish sales, such as by major sales chain of DVD and music CD based in the United Kingdom "HMV", was pushed to the delivery service of music via the Internet, the future, trustee looks for buyers of business now.


Yen still in Yonekura Chairman manufacturing

2013-01-15 21:14:00
In relation to that Amari economic recovery Minister was speaking negative impact also appear in people's lives is excessive depreciation of the yen, at a press conference on the 15th, Yonekura, chairman of Keidanren, yet reached an "excessive depreciation of the yen It said it "does not, still, it showed a recognition that's the level of the yen for the manufacturing industry.


To relax the regulation of bank shares

2013-01-15 20:55:00
For regulations that banks can not be held only up to 5% of the shares of private companies, in the case of companies that lead to the regeneration of the local economy, the Financial Services Agency, has solidified a policy of deregulation.


Bankruptcy last year increased debt reduction

2013-01-15 20:34:00
The number of companies that went bankrupt during the last year was lower than in previous years for the third consecutive year at approximately 11 000 review, but the total debt has increased for the first time in two years by the bankruptcy of large were numerous.


The Cabinet approved a supplementary budget this year

2013-01-15 19:07:00
Government has a cabinet decision supplementary budget for this fiscal year of 13 trillion 100 billion yen more than that was a pillar emergency economic measures for the economic recovery.


Buying and selling crossover in the yen ministerial statement

2013-01-15 18:30:00
By while the motion to sell the yen from expectations of monetary easing by the Bank of Japan leaves, showed the idea excessive depreciation of the yen that unwanted ministers, the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 15th of Renkyuake is also movement to repurchase the circle We left, the yen was next to the price movement that is sandwiched between the ¥ 89 $ 1.


Downward revision in eight regions economic decision

2013-01-15 18:01:00
About the current state of the economy across the country, the Bank of Japan has downgraded its economic judgment of the eight regions of the Regions nationwide 9 in the background, such as slowdown in overseas economies. Last time, a reduction in the judgment of the eight regions will be the two consecutive Following the report of 3 months ago.


Monetary easing daring Prime Minister important

2013-01-15 16:02:00
Order to proceed with the studied such successor personnel of Shirakawa Governor and the contents of the document you have to be Torikawasu towards strengthening cooperation with the Bank of Japan, the 15th, and met with experts in the financial, Abe Prime Minister, departure from deflation agreement was recognized that to promote bold monetary easing in that important.


Also negatively excessive yen depreciation life

2013-01-15 14:11:00
At a press conference of the Cabinet after the 15th, for the yen depreciation trend has intensified in the foreign exchange market, Amari economic recovery minister, said, "excessive depreciation of the yen, leaving also a negative impact on people's lives," said I showed the idea weaker yen excesses that undesirable.


It stated in monetary policy policy objectives document

2013-01-15 13:37:00
Amari economic regeneration Minister, at a press conference of the Cabinet after the Bank of Japan and the government, for the document towards deflation, Torikawasu by around the monetary policy of the future, "the Bank of Japan and the government demonstrates that to be done with each other," said It stated, we showed the idea of ​​also incorporate policy objectives of the government.


Do consider rice Dell shares privatization

2013-01-15 13:19:00
Since the personal computer giant American "Dell" is, rebuild the PC business slump by increasing the degree of freedom of management, multiple media in the United States told When are considering the privatization of the shares.


With no break the governor of the Bank of Japan monetary easing

2013-01-15 12:55:00
Amid towards deflation, the government seek a bold monetary easing, branch manager meeting of the Bank of Japan is opened, for monetary policy, Shirakawa Governor has said, "to promote without interruption powerful monetary easing".


North American Motor Show kicks off

2013-01-15 07:14:00
In the United States the recovery of the automotive market has continued, while the North American Motor Show to showcase the latest car is kicked off, put a force on the exhibition of small cars the Japanese automaker's strong, a new model manufacturer in the United States is also one after another competition is intensifying announced.


To comeback to the Toyota world leader

2013-01-15 04:20:00
Sales of motor vehicles of the whole world last year, announced it was 9.28 million units over, this result, GM = General Motors in the United States, Toyota Motor, which expects 9.7 million units around the world sales of the entire group of last year But, it became expected to get back to the top spot for the first time in two years by more than GM.


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