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Economic news(2013/01/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

International Students employment seminars ASEAN

2013-01-19 18:00:00
For or to enter the Myanmar market or to strengthen the production in countries other than China, which was severely damaged by anti-Japanese demonstrations, growth is expected, Japanese companies trying to acquire the students of member countries of ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations employment seminar called, was held in Tokyo on the 19th.


Job fair in Thailand Japanese companies

2013-01-19 17:09:00
In Thailand companies advance from Japan successive against the background of the strong economy, job fair of Japanese companies that target the students of the local is opened and an attempt to secure excellent human resources, personnel our companies work It was explained eagerly and the text.


770,000 units recalled Honda North America

2013-01-19 09:11:00
It was announced about 770,000 units over minivan and SUV = sports utility vehicle that was sold in the United States and Canada, as there is a possibility that the air bag on the side of the driver's seat does not operate properly, Honda of major automobile manufacturers, to recall.


To review the Sharp TV business

2013-01-19 07:22:00
Order to promote the reconstruction of the TV business that deficit persists, the large TV of 90 inch that only mass producer in the world, instead of forego the launch in China, a major electronics manufacturer "Sharp" is such as to launch in Southeast Asia and the Middle East it was decided to review the overseas strategy.


Efforts introduction of elderly employment companies

2013-01-19 06:47:00
Before it to hire up to 65 years of age all men against companies from April this year, you want from being required, the 18th, symposium to introduce the efforts of companies active in the employment of the elderly, Tokyo · I was held in Minato-ku.


To expand to 4 million yen in a residential tax cut maximum

2013-01-19 04:22:00
From April next year towards the tax reform of 25 fiscal new year, 2007, as well as to extend the mortgage tax cuts expire at the end of the year, the consumption tax rate is raised, the government and the Liberal Democratic Party, in the annual tax reduction It was a firm policy to expand to up to 4 million yen 400,000 yen, up to 10 years.


Decrease for the first time in the labor force compared to the previous year of China

2013-01-19 00:43:00
In China, in addition to the working population of up to 59 years from 15 years old at the time of the end of last year has decreased compared to the previous year for the first time, the impact on economic growth in the future is concerned, the only child that has to suppress the number of children it is likely a stir even in the discussion of the review of the policy.


The PR Okayama denim in Southeast Asia

2013-01-19 00:16:00
Fashion show that will Urikomo in Southeast Asia denim product of Okayama Prefecture, known for high quality was held in Singapore.


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