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Economic news(2013/02/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

New car for the first demo after Nissan China flagship model

2013-02-26 22:53:00
The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., in China, the first time in the anti-Japanese demonstrations since last year, announced the new car's flagship model, the future, in China the world's largest auto market, move towards sales recovery of manufacturers is going to be a lively .


Strengthening the competitiveness of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives agriculture

2013-02-26 21:28:00
At a press conference, in helping to evaluate the joint statement about the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement of the US summit Sakinohi, Hasegawa, Chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives is, competitiveness of the agricultural sector that influence has been concern in the TPP I showed the idea that we should work on.


Tanaka Hisao vice president in Toshiba new president

2013-02-26 21:07:00
Of major electronics manufacturers "Toshiba", Norio Sasaki, president, director of private members of the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy of the government becomes the vice-president in June this year, announced the island formally HR Tanaka Hisao vice president promoted to president of the successor were.


260 yen more than drops Nikkei Stock Average

2013-02-26 16:23:00
By the yen has advanced in the foreign exchange market in response to the parliamentary elections in Italy, the order is out selling a wide range of issues centering on export-related, the Tokyo stock market of the 26th, the closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average 260 yen more than were drops.


Rush the support of diplomatic relations phase road snow removal costs

2013-02-26 14:48:00
Ota Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is thought to be related to that in the press conference after the cabinet meeting on the 26th, it is the snow record in many parts of northern Japan, such as the Northeast, to rush the assistance, such as snow removal costs of the road of the municipalities have a weak financial base I showed.


Long-term interest rates low levels of the month or the first time in nine years 8

2013-02-26 13:27:00
Tokyo bond market of the 26th, the movement to buy Japanese government bonds from wariness to that credit concerns in Europe relapse is strengthened, long-term interest rates decreased to 0.680%, which is lower the moon the first time or approximately 9 years 8 I have updated the level.


Yen proceeds rapidly concern to Italy

2013-02-26 12:22:00
By views in response to the parliamentary elections in Italy, concern that has occurred in the continuation of fiscal consolidation route in the future was spread among investors, the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on June 26, safe to sell the dollar and euro since the movement to buy a circle that can be seen with such currency has strengthened, the yen has risen dramatically, to as much as $ 1 = 92 yen level.


Asian Development Bank President post "to ensure"

2013-02-26 11:13:00
For president post of expected Asian Development Bank, it said, "must be a campaign in order to take a position as Japan" to become vacant in accordance with the Bank of Japan Governor HR next, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance successor Japan continues we showed the idea to full-scale adjusted so that it is possible to secure the president of.


To explain the bay Kampo life insurance business fair competition

2013-02-26 10:36:00
For that you have around the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, the United States has expressed concern to the business expansion of the "Post Insurance", Shindo the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications "are friendly to the proper competitive relationship with the insurance company of the other" I showed the idea of ​​going to explain to the American side of the attitude.


$ 200 or more drops NY stock

2013-02-26 07:37:00
The New York stock market of the 25th beginning of the week, concerns about credit anxiety and could rekindled Depending on the results of the parliamentary elections of Italy spread, the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock ended the trade with drops $ 200 or more.


Exhibition of mobile devices largest

2013-02-26 06:25:00
Exhibition of the world's largest collection such as smart phones, mobile devices with the latest start in Barcelona, ​​Spain, manufacturers, announced and tablet terminal that can be used at the same time the software of two divided into two screens, a variety of new products have.


Net sales also discussed activation of medicine

2013-02-26 04:26:00
Opinion brought this one home for the selling restrictions of a marketed drug using the Internet, that we should be lifted entirely regulatory regulatory reform conference of government, whereas were numerous, deregulation excesses Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the risk of injury shows a cautious stance as may lead to sex, the future, the discussion is likely to be activated.


The events in Vietnam to overseas sake

2013-02-26 00:54:00
Amid the consumption of domestic sake falls, and will Urikomo to overseas markets, such as the brewing company in Japan, opened the events behave free sake in Vietnam.


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