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Economic news(2013/04/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

And transmitted to the TPP negotiating partners approval phase of Economy, Trade and Industry

2013-04-20 19:30:00
The 20th, negotiations participating countries of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, told that to open the ministerial meeting in Indonesia, inviting Motegi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, was formally approved the negotiating partners of Japan.


APEC Ministers to accelerate economic partnership

2013-04-20 19:05:00
Ministerial meeting of trade representatives of APEC = Asia Pacific Ocean Economic Cooperation conference begins in Indonesia from the 20th, in the discussion of the first day, and toward the establishment of a free trade zone in the region, etc. advance the negotiations of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, matched by accelerating the efforts of economic partnership.


China's largest Shanghai Motor Show

2013-04-20 18:07:00
China's largest "Shanghai motor show" starts on the 20th, the Japanese manufacturer sales volume has decreased in the deterioration of Japan-China relations announced a new car, which was developed in China, we are intended to increase the catch-up.


Instructions in the "assertion reflection of Japan to TPP rules" Prime Minister

2013-04-20 17:11:00
Afternoon on the 20th, because it met with Amari economic regeneration responsible ministers in charge of the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, to reflect the claims of Japan to the rulemaking of TPP, Abe Prime Minister, was instructed to do their best.


The negotiations to participate in TPP Japan in July

2013-04-20 16:00:00
It was obviously that you tour the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, Canada agreed formally to negotiate participation in Japan. It means that the obtained approval from all 11 countries that are participating, also in July, Japan is now expected to join the TPP negotiations by this.


Lectures and rebirth of the Japanese economy accused Finance Minister Taro Aso rice

2013-04-20 10:56:00
Through economic policy to lecture in Washington that finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 has been opened, the pillar and monetary easing measures large-scale, Aso Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Finance, enthusiasm of the Abe administration to play the Japanese economy I have appealed strongly.


99 yen late temporary NY market G20

2013-04-20 05:48:00
New York foreign exchange market 19 days, view at the finance ministers and central bank governors of the countries G20 = 20 which was held in Washington, the flow of the depreciation of the yen now due to monetary easing large-scale of the Bank of Japan that has been accepted from temporary, the yen has fallen to the second half of $ 1 = 99 yen level.


EPA a good start negotiations with the EU

2013-04-20 05:10:00
First meeting of negotiations in Belgium EU = European Union and Japan, have been carried out towards the conclusion of EPA = economic partnership agreement aimed at liberalization of services trade and end the 19th, negotiations were to start smoothly both , we have agreed to do in Tokyo in June the next meeting.


Efforts to discussion of APEC Economic Partnership

2013-04-20 04:54:00
Ministerial meeting of trade representatives of APEC = Asia Pacific Ocean Economic Cooperation conference begins in Indonesia from the 20th, towards the construction of a free trade zone that APEC aims, either accelerate how the efforts of economic cooperation such as TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement It is expected that opinion is exchanged for.


Toyota United States luxury car to the "Lexus" production

2013-04-20 04:23:00
In order to further enhance the profitability of a strong North American market, for the first time within the United States of America, Toyota Motor Corporation announced that it begin production luxury car brand "Lexus".


The acceptance of a monetary easing G20 statement Japan

2013-04-20 03:21:00
The 19th, issued a joint statement, finance ministers and central bank governors of the country, that do not a policy that monetary easing in developed countries to induce cheaper their currency in this or G20 = 20, which has been held in Washington It was reaffirmed "it is not the goal of the exchange rate policy" based on the concern that. In addition, we mention this may be due to the fact that to overcome deflation for monetary easing large-scale in Japan, became a form that is admitted that it is not a weaker yen induction as G20.


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