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Economic news(2013/05/18)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Pre-red" dismantling roof part arrived on the ground

2013-05-18 17:53:00
The ultra-high-rise hotel in central Tokyo that was nicknamed the "red pre-", in the method of unique will shrink gradually from above, demolition has been underway in the autumn of last year, the 18th, the roof part is on the ground I arrived. In the future, it is dismantled in the usual method of using the heavy equipment such as, the "pre-red", and disappeared at the end of June.


¥ 200 billion in the five years to African resources development

2013-05-18 17:32:00
The 18th international meeting of ministers in charge of the resources of African countries and Japan was held in Tokyo, towards securing a stable supply of mineral resources such as natural gas from Africa, Mogi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, in local resources as the Japanese government It was indicated that they provide assistance of 200 billion yen scale total over the next five years to develop.


International Conference in Africa resource development

2013-05-18 11:14:00
Among the importance of diversification of resource procurement increases, In an attempt to concatenate to secure stable supplies of natural gas from Africa to reserves in abundance, African countries and Japan and investment promotion measures from Japan for the development of resources in the local the 18th International Conference dodge opinion on have been held in Tokyo.


NY market the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose significantly highest value update

2013-05-18 06:40:00
The Dow Jones average is a significant rise of $ 100 or more in response to the fact that expectations for a full-scale economic recovery in the United States has been growing, the New York stock market of the 17th was updated the highest value.


To "Yukemuri power generation" deregulation

2013-05-18 04:40:00
Government has consolidated its policy is to going to want to advance the spread generates electric power through the use of steam and hot water of hot springs "Yukemuri power generation", proceed with deregulation in order to reduce the burden of such businesses that aim to introduce.


Smartphone market in India Aim

2013-05-18 04:20:00
In the global mobile phone market, smartphones continue the rapid growth in shipments exceeded the traditional. In the world market share, the two major manufacturers of Apple and Samsung is strong, urging Japan has struggled. Japanese manufacturers aiming for revival is the're focused, it is a huge market of 1.2 billion Indian population is expected to provide more growth in the future.


Authorize exports to Japan of the United States Natural Gas

2013-05-18 02:28:00
Department of Energy of the United States, was first approved the export to Japan of natural gas production has increased dramatically by the development of "shale gas". Proceedings if goes well, at the prospect that exports of natural gas cheap price starts from 2017 four years later, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it will tailwind for Japanese demand for natural gas for power generation is increasing rapidly .


The primary selling in Vietnam cited the United States public and private sectors

2013-05-18 00:00:00
Future, Vietnam as can be a promising market for nuclear power plants, the 17th, dispatched personnel of private companies and government officials to the seminar of nuclear opened in Hanoi, the United States government, selling of the primary and both the public and private sectors I worked to.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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