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Economic news(2013/07/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

To study China in the "shadow banking"

2013-07-07 21:24:00
By the problem that is pointed out in China, part of the funds that were collected in the transaction called "shadow banking" is banks, are invested in opaque whether projects you can do future collection, and can lead to bad loan problems of banks, monetary authorities of China has decided to examine in detail the reality of the flow of these funds.


Bonus increased savings some use

2013-07-07 15:46:00
The bonus of this summer of the salaryman, while it is increased for the first time in two years, the person who answered "savings" is reached to 70% following the last year for some use, increase in income, immediately from such provision for the future We are not suggesting that the situation does not lead to consumption.


Strengthen the energy plan involvement of developing countries

2013-07-07 04:08:00
In order to support the expansion of Japanese companies, power infrastructure and Africa is in a vulnerable developing countries, JICA = Japan International Cooperation Agency in the energy plan making in the country that not only power plant construction of individual, make a power company and local government It has decided to strengthen the efforts involved from the very beginning stage.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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