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Economic news(2013/08/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

5.9% increase in the United States in July housing starts

2013-08-16 22:39:00
Housing starts in July, which is an indication of the future of the economy of the United States, has become a result of increased 5.9% from the previous month, the housing market is leading the economic improvement of the United States.


Focus TPP ministerial meeting next week

2013-08-16 22:16:00
A schedule of two days from the 22nd of this month, negotiations meeting of ministerial level of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will be held in Brunei. Amari economic recovery Minister in charge of the TPP is scheduled to attend from Japan. It means that from negotiations this meeting, to full-scale negotiations over tariffs on industrial products and agricultural products between the participating countries, Japan who participated formally in the TPP negotiations from July is attention whereabouts of future negotiations You. (Main plan) Trade Statistics (month) of July ▽ 19 日 ▽ 21 日 Ministerial Meeting ▽ 19 days (month) RCEP = East Asia Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (Brunei) (water) gasoline price survey ▽ 22 · 23 TPP day Ministerial Meeting


Yen exchange rate appreciation

2013-08-16 18:57:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 16th, a cautious view on the future of the American economy is spread, the movement to buy yen by selling the dollar is out, the yen has risen.


To the power supply to the electronic medium company Tokyo

2013-08-16 18:00:00
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, since the autumn of this year, it will have to sign a contract with the operator TEPCO other than facilities of 270-odd such as Metropolitan High School, some facilities are supplied from retailers of power Chubu Electric Power to acquire I became that. For be supplied with power from a subsidiary of a major power company that is in the Tokyo metropolitan area other than, INOSE governor has said, "will make a breakthrough in power liberalization".


Closing stock price drops

2013-08-16 16:05:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 16th, orders sell out in trade is weak, and that trying to determine the profits, stock price has fallen.


Net use super sharp increase in heat wave

2013-08-16 15:11:00
Amid intense heat continues, want to refrain from going out even a little, it is ordered on the Internet such as daily necessities and food, use have them delivered to the home of the "Net Super" is, has been increasing rapidly in this month.


"109" is unveiled in the affected areas

2013-08-16 12:44:00
Opened in three days limited to Kamaishi City was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, fashion building in Tokyo's Shibuya popular "SHIBUYA109" is crowded with shoppers a lot of young people and teenagers.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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