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Economic news(2013/08/21)

Kyoto γ€€ Hakone

View of the Chinese government "economic slowdown bottoming out"

2013-08-21 20:53:00
Amid voice that worried about the future of the Chinese economy comes out, the person in charge of economic policy of the Chinese government, showed the view halt are being take to the economic slowdown, and to maintain steady growth over the second half of this year .


Yen exchange rate drops

2013-08-21 18:07:00
Amid trading aggressive is refrain from going to want to ascertain the whereabouts of the monetary policy of the United States, the Tokyo foreign exchange market of the 21st a motion to buy a dollar by selling yen in the form that you fall for that circle has fallen against the euro the yen has fallen against the dollar and is out.


To enter the LINE ecommerce

2013-08-21 17:44:00
App free calls for smartphones, has increased rapidly the user "LINE", this means that it plans to fall, to enter the mail-order sales of Internet new this year, competition for this area, further can become violently is expected.


Best way to protect sanctuary of agricultural tariff phase TPP

2013-08-21 17:18:00
At a press conference after the cabinet meeting after about negotiations meeting of ministerial level of TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement begins in Brunei Darussalam from the 22nd, Hayashi Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, tariff elimination item 5 of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries fields such as wheat and rice so that with the exception of, has shown once again the idea of ​​the effort.


Price movements modest Nikkei average

2013-08-21 16:07:00
The Tokyo stock market of the 21st, trading aggressive is refrain from going to want to assess the direction of monetary easing in the United States, the Nikkei Stock Average has become a modest price movements.


Post recovery almost silver trouble

2013-08-21 15:08:00
In Japan Post Bank of Japan Post Group, trouble, such as an inability to display home page from the 20th had happened, but to recover nearly so far, you can now also use services such as account transfer using the Internet.


100 million people of foreigners visiting Japan's first

2013-08-21 14:39:00
against the background of the relaxation of the issued visa requirements in Southeast Asia and a weaker yen, foreign tourists last month, visited Japan, has become the most in excess of one million people for the first time, from the beginning to take statistics in January 1964 .


Followed by 160 yen stand high gasoline

2013-08-21 14:29:00
The retail price of the national average of regular gasoline this week, from such as the movement to pass on the price the purchase cost is followed, it will be 160 yen for 3 consecutive weeks, high standards of the moon the first time is not followed or approximately four years 10 You.


Recession from May last year the economy

2013-08-21 13:57:00
21, open a study group of experts to verify and situation of the economy, recovery phase of the economy, which began four years ago at the end once in April of last year, the Cabinet Office and had entered a recession from May I showed the judgment.


Record high for the air conditioning shipment extreme heat of July

2013-08-21 13:43:00
from such that it became a hot as hell in the first half of the month, the number of air conditioning last month, shipped in Japan, we found that it was the most ever as July.


Job interview meeting for students overseas

2013-08-21 12:08:00
Job interview meeting between Japanese companies that want to strengthen the overseas business, a joint that target the overseas students, such as China and South Korea is opened, college students of Asia with more than 100 people, and interviews with Japanese companies, such as food and financial now faces.


To promote investment liberalization with ASEAN

2013-08-21 04:44:00
In Brunei visiting the 20th, attended the meeting with the ministers of Economic Affairs of the ASEAN = Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Mogi Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, this year for the liberalization of investment between ASEAN and Japan that negotiations are continuing It is now that it will aim to substantive agreement until December.


Japanese food appeal analysis "good health"

2013-08-21 04:22:00
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries decided to consolidate a policy embark on business to research and scientific analysis that Japanese food is good for health because it will lead to increased exports of agricultural products to appeal to the world the charm of Japanese food, to incorporate the budget request for the next fiscal year budget became.


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