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Economic news(2013/08/27)

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¥ 82.2 billion budget request new Shinkansen lines

2013-08-27 21:46:00
As maintenance cost of "maintenance Shinkansen", in the budget request for next year - 2014 fiscal budget, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and improvements have been incorporated 82.2 billion yen more than 17% the initial budget year.


Yen sold dollars in Syria issue

2013-08-27 19:44:00
Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market on the 27th, perspectives and Syria situation that increased the sense of urgency, concern for the future of the American economy is spread, the dollar sold, the yen has risen.


Opinion exchange meeting is TPP negotiators and industry groups

2013-08-27 18:30:00
In negotiations meeting of TPP = Pacific partnership agreements that are open in Brunei, the 27th, opinion exchange meeting with the negotiators and the like industry associations in each country is opened, representatives of the livestock industry in Japan, a stable supply of food It was urged that as we should maintain domestic production, to admit exceptions to tariff elimination in order.


Cooperation in agricultural exports to the Middle East Mizuho silver

2013-08-27 17:56:00
Towards the export expansion of food and agricultural products in Japan that have been incorporated into the growth strategy of the government, Mizuho Bank, now that in conjunction with the investment company in the Middle East, to boost the expansion of exports due to suppliers.


Announces the technology to prevent collision with bicycle

2013-08-27 17:25:00
Swedish automaker has developed a safety technology that senses the bike having gone out, stop by applying the brakes automatically in the car, on the 27th, it was announced in Tokyo.


Capital alliance with ANA Myanmar airlines

2013-08-27 16:29:00
In Southeast Asia, in order to capture the demand for empty bottles that rapid expansion is expected, "ANA Holdings" was officially announced to be capital alliance airline of Myanmar as "Asian Wings Airways".


To debt repayment assistance Deferring Honshi Fast

2013-08-27 15:16:00
And decided to not perform the next fiscal year funding to support the debt service of the operating company of the highway connecting Honshu and Shikoku, for repayment of future debt amounting to 1 trillion 400 billion yen, the Ministry of Land, of Honshu It is now that it will consider how to devote toll revenue of highway company also be included.


To change in Japan McDonald's president sluggish performance

2013-08-27 10:58:00
Harada 泳幸 president and CEO to retire, successor, from McDonald's Canada, McDonald's Japan's leading hamburger chain performance is sluggish, HR greet the President and CEO with experience who served as chief of marketing in Japan I announced.


To shopping on the Internet expanding at Sumitomo Corporation Asia

2013-08-27 05:46:00
Of the leading trading company "Sumitomo Corporation" was a firm policy in Vietnam and Malaysia that economic growth continues, to enter close to the business of selling communication using the Internet. It has to be to expand the business in Asia, and to increase to 100 billion yen scale, sales in this field.


TPP industry associations to exchange views with negotiators

2013-08-27 04:32:00
In negotiations meeting of TPP = Pacific partnership agreements that are open in Brunei, the 27th, exchange opinions with such industry associations and international negotiators is opened, and JA Zenchu ​​= National Agricultural Cooperative and Keidanren for the first time from Japan organization of more than 20 such unions Federation will participate.


To about 340 billion yen Okinawa promotion budget request

2013-08-27 04:05:00
The budget request of the next fiscal year budget, as Okinawa promotion budget, etc. to increase significantly the project cost for the construction of two runways first to Naha Airport, too large ¥ 40 billion from this year's budget, the Cabinet Office, approximately I have a firm policy to incorporate a 340 billion yen.


To partner with airlines ANA Myanmar

2013-08-27 02:33:00
It is now able to consolidate a policy of capital tie-up of the parent company of ANA "ANA Holdings" airline of Myanmar as "Asian Wings Airways", rapid economic growth embark in earnest in aviation business in expected Southeast Asia .


Subsidies to construction equipment introduced less harmful substances emissions

2013-08-27 00:30:00
From the introduction of new models emissions of harmful substances is less in construction machinery such as bulldozers has not progressed, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, has solidified a policy to provide a new subsidy program to encourage the replacement.


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