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Economic news(2013/10/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

The profit for the first time in two years ion Interim Results

2013-10-07 20:29:00
Such as that from the sale of consumer electronics products and clothing was growth in the department of supermarkets mainstay, interim results up to August this year leading distribution of "ion", operating income increased for the first time in two years.


Free to commission etc yahoo virtual shop

2013-10-07 18:41:00
Of the leading IT company "Yahoo" has announced that it will free most of such fees and required net auction house operated, shops and companies to sell goods on the net, in the so-called virtual shop.


To the Japanese Bankers Association police gang information consultation

2013-10-07 18:02:00
In response to the problem of Mizuho Bank had financed gangster et al alliance loan through the credit company, the "National Bankers Association", etc. to develop a system in which banks can use the information in gang-related police have, anti-social order to eliminate a deal with forces, it was decided to discuss the specific measures and the National Police Agency.


JAL aircraft purchased from Airbus

2013-10-07 17:22:00
Japan Airlines has announced that it will introduce 56 aircraft from 2019 medium-sized state-of-the-art machine leading aircraft manufacturers in Europe of "Airbus"'s "A350" type machine.


"Item to protect Japanese agriculture exception" TPP

2013-10-07 16:32:00
In around the TPP = Pacific partnership agreement, told reporters, out of the five items and 586 items important, such as wheat and rice, the items that you need to protect the agriculture of Japan, Nishikawa TPP measures chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party tariff last we showed the idea of ​​going to ask you with the exception of elimination.


Month the first time in fall or diffusion index 2

2013-10-07 15:59:00
The diffusion index of August this year, and from that center in the field of medical care and welfare, overtime was reduced, index indicating the current state of the economy, fell to the moon the first time or two.


Past maximum decrease DoCoMo mobile contract

2013-10-07 15:20:00
Was released smartphone of Apple, the new model of the iPhone, but the brake is not applied to the outflow to other companies still, the number of contracts last month of NTT DoCoMo, fell past the width of the maximum.


Whole picture found of "reporting to the summit" TPP

2013-10-07 04:21:00
Full extent of the "report to the summit" that was compiled at the ministerial meeting of the TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, which has been held in Indonesia is now clear. In the report, while it is assumed "nearing conclusion", "agreement on items that need to be consideration remains a problem unsolved for countries" as negotiations whole acknowledges the difficulty of negotiations for tariff elimination It has become the contents.


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