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Economic news(2013/10/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

Or agreed 1 trillion yen extra JP Morgan fine

2013-10-20 20:41:00
In the issues that are financial institutions JP Morgan Chase in the United States up to, and was selling illegally financial instruments of mortgage-related, JP Morgan Chase as such as fines, multiple media in the United States approximately 1 trillion in Japanese Yen I was told that it has outline agreed to pay 270 billion yen.


I put emphasis on component development of next-generation smartphone terminal

2013-10-20 14:03:00
From the fact that as new information equipment next smartphone, the development of the terminal of the new form, such as a wrist watch type is progressing, etc. proceed further thinning and miniaturization of parts, electronic parts manufacturers, parts for the next generation terminal I am focusing on the development of.


Organization to installation of Mizuho Bank antisocial measures

2013-10-20 06:24:00
From it, such as the Board of Directors did not play a check function in the problem that did not eliminate more than two years loans to gangsters colleagues, Mizuho Bank, a policy of providing a professional organization to prevent a deal with anti-social forces was solidified.


To the centralized support the "global niche players"

2013-10-20 04:29:00
In an attempt to enhance further its presence in overseas Japanese companies were selected 100 companies, including small and medium-sized companies that boasts its own technology in specific areas of expertise, with a high market share in the world, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry focus overseas expansion It was decided to continue to support the basis.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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