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Economic news(2013/10/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Adjustment continues to discount reduction in highway

2013-10-27 16:55:00
discount currently, you are such as to half the expressway toll of midnight, has become to be terminated at the end of March next year, based on the such as the burden increases with increase in the consumption tax rate, next year, the government scale It is adjusted in the direction to continue to shrink.


Business expansion in Southeast Asia major beverage

2013-10-27 13:39:00
Amid beverage market of domestic sluggish, among beverage giant, movement in Southeast Asia where high economic growth continues, that trying to expand the business by introducing new products such as tea and drinking water has one after another.


Rate-sensitive government bonds popular with rising interest rates expected

2013-10-27 07:16:00
Issuance interest received in response to changes in interest rates of the government bonds of personal changes of the "floating rate" becomes a high level of seven years this month, to rising interest rates among individual investors received a gradual recovery of the economy I Ukagaemasu that expectations are increasing.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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